About us

About us

EntreprenörCentrum is one of Sweden's most advanced and comprehensive EU projects for idea development and new business. The project began in 2008 and in EntreprenörCentrum Norrbotten we have built up excellent expertise and knowledge of idea development and growth promotion in the early phases of enterprise.


It must be easy for people to receive help in starting a company and developing their business idea or innovation at their own place of domicile. Therefore we have local business advisers in eight of the municipalities in Norrbotten.


Our consultants all possess advanced skills and work with traditional business ideas, company purchasing, innovation and business development. To ensure that all our consultants have the same broad range of skills in these fields, we use continual skills development.


In addition to general knowledge about enterprise, our consultants are specialists in a number of different areas. Among other things, we have accountants, legal advisers, business administration graduates and marketing experts in our team. You gain access to our network of specialised skills within practically every area that concerns your company, regardless of whether you live in Övertorneå or Luleå. We welcome all your business ideas and innovative ideas – and together we make sure they develop well.


Who are our customers?

Our customers are ordinary individuals and entrepreneurs. What they have in common is that they possess ideas that can lead to a new company or the development of an existing company through new products and/or services.